Improving the Passenger Experience

  • August 31, 2020
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In our continuous effort to improve the Passenger Experience and efficiency of the Airport, Key West International Airport is making numerous improvements.

While some projects have an outward facing work site, other projects are steadily working behind the scenes to improve the flow and safety of operations.

Departure Halls Renovations

Departure Hall Renovations

The renovations in the departure hall are nearing completion and the timing is impeccable. At a time when space is needed more than ever, the airport is expanding the overall square footage of our departure hall. The expansion will increase seating for more comfortable social distancing, and completely overhaul the public restrooms with the addition of a state of the art indoor pet relief area for service animals and pets traveling through the Airport.

Taxiway A Rehabilitation

Taxiway A Rehabilitation

The taxiway rehabilitation project is focused on the preventive maintenance of our asphalt surfaces on the airfield. Often under appreciated, the pavement on the airfield is critical to the safety and success of aircraft operations. The Taxiway A Rehabilitation project encompasses, the mill and overlay of existing pavement, a reduction in pavement where operational efficiencies exist, and the upgrade of all taxiway signage and lighting to energy efficient LED illumination.

Baggage Handling System Upgrade

Baggage Handling System Upgrade

As a perfect example of “behind the scenes”, the Airport has made drastic improvements to the system that manages the flow of passengers’ checked baggage. The upgrade has doubled the throughput capacity of checked bags through the Airport’s bag screening operation. Additionally, the upgrade will exist within the same footprint as the original system.

All airport improvement projects are funded entirely through grants received by the FAA, FDOT, and/ or Airport funds generated through on site aviation use fees and leases. The Key West International Airport operates as a self-sustaining enterprise fund of Monroe County that does not utilize County funds.

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