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New Applicant Process

Key West International Airport

Key West International Airport (EYW)
Badge Information/Process

Welcome to Key West International Airport. To qualify for a badge at EYW you must:

  • Pass a Security Threat Assessment from the TSA (STA)
  • Pass an FBI Criminal History Record Check (CHRC)
  • Complete a Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) class and pass the corresponding exam. If applicable, there is also a corresponding driving course

Complete the EYW ID application in full, available at Airport Security or by link on this website

  • Make sure your Company (signatory authority) completes Section IV in the form
  • Bring your completed form and approved forms of ID from the approved ID’s list (I-9 link)
  • The badge office will then take your fingerprints (for CHRC submission)

SIDA and Driving Class - CHRC and STA Results MUST be approved before you can take the class

  • Classes can be scheduled with the badge office Monday, 9:00am to 4:00pm and  Tuesday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm
  • Each applicant must attend class prior to receiving badge
  • Each applicant must complete his/her STA and CHRC prior to taking the class